Making It Last Podcast: Forgiveness Earned or Expected

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CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW God has commended us in Eph 4:32: “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” Forgiving your spouse is not saying that you are not hurt, that you approve of what your spouse did or said nor is it saying that the incident didn't happen. What forgiveness does for you and your spouse is: Release you from holding on to the hurt Release them from keeping a record of your spouse hurtful incidents Release your spouse from receiving hurtful remarks and actions from YOU But is this level of forgiveness earned or expected? Should your spouse automatically be forgiven or should they earn your forgiveness. Keisha Hodges will join in the … [Continue]

Are you married to your cell phone or me?

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Photo Credit: Essence Magazine Per Pew Research, 90% of all people on earth have a mobile phone. So to bring that statistic closer to home, in most marriages, both spouses have a cellphone. So it is fair to say that in marriages, there is the husband, the wife, and cellphones. The sad thing is most people "live" with, must be by their phones and for their phones. This intrusion of "smart phones" into our lives leave little to no room for personal one on one connection. I truly understand how important it is to have a cellphone and be connected to the internet and social sites but I also know how hard always being "on" the phone and checking up on whats going on with your friends online can be damaging to your marriage/relationship. I am … [Continue]

Tybee Island Vacation #KingTravelConfessions

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My husband is from Savannah, GA and I am ashamed to say that we have never "really" been to Tybee Island. Well, when I say "really" we have driven to Tybee Island before but it was never warm enough for us to actually go on the beach. I couldn't believe that we have never enjoyed Tybee Island or the beach. Well, well, well we have finally ENJOYED … [Continue]

Making It Last Radio Show: Manage Marriage and Career with Success

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Click Here to Listen to the show LIVE   One of the many challenges women/wives face is balancing their time and energy between: work, marriage, and parenting. Being able to be effective with all the hats women wear, there is no one size fit all solutions but there are some tried and true approach to being able to do it all. Kanesha … [Continue]

Beyonce and Jay-Z has a marriage counselor #OntheRunTour

It is being reported on DailyMail blog that Beyonce and Jay-Z are talking to a marriage counselor. I know many are going to speculate why the couple is seeking a counselor. I must commend them for having the thought process to know, understand and appreciate the help from a marriage counselor. Actually marriage counseling should be preventive … [Continue]

Strawberry Shortcake perfect date night dessert

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I know this blog is not a food blog, but every so often I feel like cooking. No I don't cook everyday but when the cooking bug hits me I can really throw down in the kitchen. I wanted to try something new with these strawberries I had purchased at Kroger. I had never made a strawberry shortcake before so hey why not. Plus it would be the perfect … [Continue]

Travel with Kids – #ColorofInfluence Twitter Chat

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The summer is in full effect so that means its time to pack the suitcase, pull out the coolers and pile the kids in the backseat. Its time for a trip with the family. Traveling with kids is an adventure but a pleasant adventure. Join me and Janeane Davis of Janeane's World for a Twitter Chat discussing Traveling with Kids! During the chat we … [Continue]