Dollar Store Date Night Challenge

Dollar Store Date Challenge, date night ideas

Dollar Store Date Challenge: plan your next date with items from the dollar store! I hear all the time that people do not date because they do not have money to date or know what to do on a date with their spouse. Well, I challenge you to go to the Dollar Store and find items you can do for a date at home or even on a picnic. But don't let my suggestions stop you from being creative and finding items for a date with your spouse. I challenged the couples on our Facebook page last week to take the challenge and the response was AWESOME.     Post by Whitney Rogers.   Dating your spouse isn't about the steak and lobster that you are ordering but its more about getting to know your spouse on a more intimate … [Continue]

How to solve the biggest obstacles to dating your spouse

Post by Still Dating My Spouse. When we promote the concept of regular dates with your spouse, it doesn't come without the normal kickback of "first world problems." We hear all the times why couples cannot go on regular dates and we hear you and respect every excuse you give; however, dating your spouse is not an option its a necessity.   Post by Still Dating My Spouse.   Our marriage have gone through many phases and several phases a couple of times. When we first got married, we didn't even realize what we were still doing was dating each other. We enjoyed doing different things together. It was second nature to us. Oh but then. as you know, life will hit you and you don't know if you coming or going. There … [Continue]

Why We Love Dressing Up for Halloween (And You Should, Too!)

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Halloween is no longer just a kids' holiday where its all about candy and scary movies. Halloween has evolved into one of the biggest holidays for couples. Halloween gives couples a chance to role play and let go of their usual inhibitions. We love dressing up for Halloween and you should too! This year, per the National Retail Federation, … [Continue]

Marriage is not a fashion statement

Marriage is not a fashion statement

This past week, the media has been very happy to report about the number of Hollywood celebrities that are filing for divorces. Just as fast as the celebrities are getting married they are getting divorces. But is that really whats happening. What is it about marriage that scares celebrities? This year, we have witnessed Brad Pitt and Angelina, … [Continue]

Date Ideas

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I chose my spouse over my children #family

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One thing I know is this topic is a controversial topic and one that need to be discussed. Children are a blessing from God but so is your marriage. Marriage is the foundation for the home and the family. The interaction the kids will see in you and your spouse will guide them in their relationships later in life. If you are not clear about the … [Continue]

Scandal Returns with Lies, Wine, and Death

Mellie from Scandal Season premiere 4

Now you guys know, I love watching TV series and movies. Well, this Thursday night was no different. If you have followed me for anytime, you know I'm always watching shows that has a message in their for marriages. Welp, Scandal is always full of messages for marriages and last night preimer of Season 4 was no different. I will not do a full recap … [Continue]