5 Ways to survive the holiday stress as a couple

holiday stress tip 1 Plan Ahead

Oh, this is our favorite time of the year. The holidays brings about family, food, fun, and STRESS.  The stress of getting prepared for a holiday, having enough money for the extra food or presents bring about its own level of stress. The stress of the holiday doesn't have to destroy a marriage. We share a few of the things we do to heed off holiday stress.   Holiday  Stress Tip 1: Plan ahead. Decide before the holiday if you are visiting family and for how long. It's important that you don't assume your spouse is ok with spending the holidays with friends and family. Holiday Stress Tip 2: Share Chores. Getting the family and/or the house ready for the holidays brings on extra stress plus chores. Share in getting everyone and … [Continue]

Ferguson is YOUR community

Ferguson MO Micheal Brown case

The world was sitting quietly holding their breathes as we all waited on the verdict in the Ferguson case. Tonight, the verdict was read and it is no indictment. We are not here to convince you if the verdict was right or wrong but what we are here to tell you: Ferguson is YOUR community. The communities in which we live and work are filled with kids, single moms, single dads, and married couples. These communities are as strong as the people that live in them. It is time that we take back our communities. As a married couple, it is imperative that we begin to share and get involved with what is happening in our communities. In 2014, the communities that we know from our parents day is totally different. The communities now are so … [Continue]

Date Night in Atlanta at Martell Cognac Iconic Blueprints Experience event

Still Dating My Spouse at Martell Iconic Blueprints, Martell Cognac, Atlanta, Derek Blanks, Celebrity Photographer, Martell, Martell Blueprints

I was happy to be invited to attend Martell Cognac Iconic Blueprints event hosted by Rob Hill, Sr. When they told me where the event was being held, I immediately knew this would be the perfect date night for us because Atlanta is our second home. We packed up and headed east to Atlanta. The little woman and I would get an opportunity to have a … [Continue]

Eldercare: Is your Marriage Prepared


Fourth quarter of 2013, the hubby and I talked about our plans for 2014. I even came up with a word that would drive my action in 2014.We had big plans for our life, marriage and personal achievements for the year. One thing we never thought about doing this year was taking care of sick parents. We wasn't [truly] prepared to be launched into being … [Continue]

Married Woman to Married Woman: 5 Secrets to A Blissful Marriage

Secrets to a successful marriage, Solange Knowles marriage, healthy marriage tips

Congratulations to Solange Knowles on marrying Video Director Alan Ferguson over the weekend. We wish her and her husband a healthy blissful marriage. Solange mentioned that this marriage is "a labor of love." With this marriage being Solange second marriage, I hope she has entered this marriage with an open mind, more mature and really ready to … [Continue]

What Disney movies taught us about LOVE

Frozen, Anna and Kristoff, Olaf, Disney movies

As many of you know, we are a movie watching family. We love all movies and Disney movies are top of the list. Yes, I'm talking about the animated movies. Disney movies are not just for the great songs, but hey Do You Want to Build a Snowman. The movies have some great messages and one resounding message is love and support! 5 Disney movies … [Continue]

Beyond the Lights

beyond the lights movie review

I had the pleasure of reviewing Beyond the Lights movie at the Blogalicious conference in San Antonio. Beyond the Lights is a movie written by the same lady who wrote Love and Basketball and Secret Life of Bees, Mrs. Gina Prince-Bythewood. Beyond the Lights is a movie about overcoming the hurdles of your past, hurdles of life today and also … [Continue]