12 Spectacular Fall Travel Destinations

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Fall is fast approaching. It seem like just yesterday, we were soaking up the 100 degree weather, now we are searching for sweaters and windbreakers. So of course, we are thinking about our Fall Travel plans. One of the things we enjoy the most is watching nature change all around us. Soaking up one of nature’s most incredible displays is a gift every couple should slow down and enjoy. Gather your warmest sweater, essentials for a picnic, and go for a ride to one of these sensational fall foliage destinations. 12 Spectacular Fall Date Destinations Aspen, CO When you are searching for the best fall colors to gawk at, you must not forget about the town that was named after a tree! In Aspen you will see an array of colors but the one … [Continue]

15 Ways to communicate effectively with your spouse

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  Several years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing author Jewell Powell. She had just penned the book Marriage 101. After speaking with several couples last month, we learned that many are struggling with effective communication in their marriage. So I pulled this book back out because Powell shares some great tips on the function of marriage. Effective Communication is key to any relationship and marriage is definitely a relationship. Communication must be cultivated and consistently and consciously worked on. In her book, Powell shares 15 tips that will improve your communication within your marriage and/or relationship. It would behoove you to write these tips down and integrate these into your daily communication … [Continue]

5 Frugal Date Night Ideas


Dating your spouse isn't an option but a necessity. Actually being able to date often is compromised sometimes due to the lack of funds, the lack of time and/or the lack of reliable babysitter. There are many ways you can carve out time to spend with your spouse. And there are many ways to secure reliable babysitter, but to get the money needed … [Continue]

16 Things you didn’t know about us

16 facts about us, still dating my spouse, marriage anniversary

Its our anniversary! 16 years. God didn't have to do it but he did. Our beginnings were humbled and troubled, but we stuck and stayed. Marriage isn't easy but  when you are committed to the process, God will bless your efforts and he definitely blessed me with mines: my husband. In honor of our anniversary, we wanted to share 16 things you … [Continue]

My Friend was Killed but you can save your friend

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In my 42 years, there are not many things that saddens me, but when I hear of domestic violence and the killing of a wife at the hands of her husband, I get sad. February of this year, my sister childhood friend was killed by her husband. Today, another woman was murdered at her job by her husband. He was upset that she filed for divorce and wanted … [Continue]

Be Disaster Aware, Prepare #NATLPREP

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September is Disaster Preparedness Month. With the way things are happening now, it is imperative that we are prepared for natural disasters. Just last week, Napa Valley experienced a 6.0 earthquake that shocked the whole area. We are approaching hurricane season so it is so important that we think about disasters, plan for them and prepare our … [Continue]

How cornbread connects us


The month of August was very rough for my family. On August 2, we buried my mother-in-law. On August 4, my dad entered the hospital for surgery and stayed 21 days and had 2 surgeries while in there. We didn't know if we were coming or going. There were days we passed each other at the door. He headed to work and me headed to the hospital to sit … [Continue]