Be Disaster Aware, Prepare #NATLPREP

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September is Disaster Preparedness Month. With the way things are happening now, it is imperative that we are prepared for natural disasters. Just last week, Napa Valley experienced a 6.0 earthquake that shocked the whole area. We are approaching hurricane season so it is so important that we think about disasters, plan for them and prepare our families. I remember as a kid, we were taught several helpful tips for emergencies and natural disasters. During the school year, we would have several tornado drills to teach us what to do in case of a tornado. The school officials would sound the tornado horn and we will all go in the hallway and tuck our heads in our laps. I also remember learning how to Stop. Drop. and Roll in case of a … [Continue]

How cornbread connects us


The month of August was very rough for my family. On August 2, we buried my mother-in-law. On August 4, my dad entered the hospital for surgery and stayed 21 days and had 2 surgeries while in there. We didn't know if we were coming or going. There were days we passed each other at the door. He headed to work and me headed to the hospital to sit with my dad. This week was our first week of TRYING to get back to normal. One thing I remembered about US was: food is what connected us. The saying "to get to a man's heart is through his stomach" is true. The first time I cooked for my husband while we were dating I served him homemade cornbread. He has been in love every since (well he loved the cornbread instantly...loving me on the … [Continue]

Date Idea: Skating

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Many times you are not able to get away just the two of you for time alone. So why not have a family date night and go skating. Skating is so much fun. How long has it been since the last time you put on some skates? Think about the fun you and your spouse (and kids) will have falling down, skating backwards, or just learning how to skate … [Continue]

Save Marriage Casting Call for A&E new TV show

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Saving Marriage, new A&E show My friends over at Blogalicious shared this great opportunity for couples so I wanted to pass it along to you guys. About Saving Marriage An innovative new television series is seeking married couples who could benefit from a life-changing adventure together! This new series (from A&E Networks) is an … [Continue]

Have you tried Groupon for Date Night ideas and specials

Ok, so let me be honest, I just started looking at Groupon for date ideas and specials, but let me tell you: I'm so loving in it! Groupon offers you deals on food, getaways, and gifts. I know we have taken advantage of many of the restaurant deals. This have given us the opportunity to try restaurants we normally wouldn't have. This makes for an … [Continue]

Save on Grocery Shopping #GroceryChallenge

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I love grocery shopping. I go grocery shopping as my me time and I can spend hours in the grocery store; however, I am not the most frugal shopper but I do enjoy grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is not a luxury instead its a necessity and with the continued increase on the price of food many couples are forgoing extracurricular activities, … [Continue]

Making It Last Podcast: Forgiveness Earned or Expected

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CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW God has commended us in Eph 4:32: “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” Forgiving your spouse is not saying that you are not hurt, that you approve of what your spouse did or said nor is it saying that the incident didn't happen. What … [Continue]