The importance of Still Dating My Spouse

Wow, I cannot believe that we have been at this for 19 years! WOW…..

We officially never dated but we instantly connected; however, we entered marriage with two different mindsets but the one thing we ALWAYS did was have regular date nights.

Unconsciously, we understood how spending quality time together benefitted us.

Still Dating My Spouse laughter

We laugh a lot. We really do enjoy spending time together.

We laugh.

Still Dating My Spouse marriage communication

In-2-Me-See! We talk about any and everything since day 1. This practice still happens today!

We talk (intimately).

Still Dating My Spouse

We truly enjoy dreaming together. Talking and dreaming about our future.

We dream.

Still Dating My Spouse

Date Nights affords us the opportunity to release the daily pressures of being mom, dad, worker, entrepreneur. We are able to just be man and woman, husband and wife enjoying the moment!

We release.

Still Dating My Spouse

Staying connected is high on our list. Date Nights allows us to build a solid foundation built on more than just good sex!

We connect.

Even tho we didn’t operate in our marital roles correctly, the date nights were helping us grow as individuals but also as a couple. It actually showed us that we were not operating as one….

Through the date nights, we were and are able to see the other one not just as our spouse but also as our better half.

Date nights actually improved our marriage. We are not perfect but we are better than when we started.


Over the last 19 years,  we realized date nights were important and with four kids, a godson and a niece living with us, we stayed busy. The date nights are our way to release and just be free to enjoy the limited time we have without kids, bills, or working. We don’t take date nights for granted. We understand and appreciate how devoting time to dating each other the positive benefits we are receiving in our marriage.

So date nights for us are not an option its a NECESSITY. 

I cover specific tips and topics about marriage in posts like Building a Marriage that Lasts and we also post date night ideas, like 5 Frugal Date Ideas.

I hope by sharing our marriage journey and how we utilize date nights to help us navigate the process, will help you create and implement healthy relationship practices to improve the connection, commitment, and communication in your marriage just by having regular date nights!

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