15 Ways to communicate effectively with your spouse

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  Several years ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing author Jewell Powell. She had just penned the book Marriage 101. After speaking with several couples last month, we learned that many are struggling with effective communication in their marriage. […]

How cornbread connects us


The month of August was very rough for my family. On August 2, we buried my mother-in-law. On August 4, my dad entered the hospital for surgery and stayed 21 days and had 2 surgeries while in there. We didn’t […]

Are you married to your cell phone or me?

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Photo Credit: Essence Magazine Per Pew Research, 90% of all people on earth have a mobile phone. So to bring that statistic closer to home, in most marriages, both spouses have a cellphone. So it is fair to say that […]

Stand Your Ground in Marriage

When you marry, you inherit your spouse family. This includes all the dynamics that comes along with in-laws. Some in-laws are hands off but then there are some in-laws that fully involved in their child marriage. How do you handle […]

Ways to improve Nonverbal communication in marriage


Nonverbal communication make up 55% of communication. Your nonverbal communication can be positive or negative just like the words you speak in your marriage. Believe it or not, you are talking to your spouse even when your mouth isn’t moving. […]

Listening in Marriage

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To have effective communication, you must be able to listen to what your spouse is saying. Yes you “hear” them but are you truly listening? Active listening is a learned art. Poor listening skills lead to the breakdown in communication […]

31 Day Challenge to improve communication in marriage

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Communication is a process. The process of sharing yourself, your ideas, and your thoughts with someone is the basis of communication. The tricky part about communication, which most people, especially couples, fail at is communicating in a way that the […]