Ferguson is YOUR community

Ferguson MO Micheal Brown case

The world was watching the Ferguson community and waiting for a verdict but really the community is in your neighborhood.

Rebuilding your marriage


Your marriage walk is unique to you & your spouse; however, the dynamics of marriage are the same in every marriage. What are you depositing into your marriage bank? Stop withdrawing from the marriage if you are not making regular […]

4 Ways to successfully conquer marriage challenges


You mad at your spouse over something trivial & this morning someone is burying their spouse. Never will get the chance to say I’m sorry…honey I love you. Stop it Stop it right now. Mend the fence solve the problem […]

Justice for all the Trayvon Martin


By now the world is buzzing from the verdict in the George Zimmerman trail. Yes he was found not guilty. What does this mean for the rest of us? We as a community, no specific race, need to do better […]

Marriage Challenges

dating your spouse obstacles, obstacles in marriage, marriage challenges, challenges of marriage

Marriage + Challenges go hand and hand. Life brings about challenges so just know when you add someone to your life challenges will still be there, but how do you handle challenges? This week in our household, we have faced […]

Don’t Give Up

Don't Give UP

“Results will take as long as they take.” ©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women  Marriage is hard work and some days are harder than others. We will get so discouraged that we want to just throw in the towel. I am […]

Planning Your Marriage

Think about this: what if you planned your marriage with the same intensity you had when planning your wedding? Remember all the planning & asking all the important questions to ensure that your big day was a success! If we […]