Black Families are on the extinction list 


A black family is torn about AGAIN.  The black community is moaning the lost of a black leader.  Another one. A black leader is shot down & killed. Yep another one.  What leader? You are probably googling to find out what black leader have been killed.  I want you to keep googling. Make sure you […]

Spring Break in Columbus OH


It is Spring Break time again. It seems like these kids gets more days out of school than they are in school. Oh well, the 10 year old, wanted to do something fun for Spring Break.  With everyone in Memphis out for Spring Break, I knew that trying to do something in the city would […]

Have a date night with your kids

date night with kids

Do you have kids? When was the last time you had a date night with your kids? You know like I do that once the kids arrive, your life is never the same. And now we have entered the grandparents mode. As parents, we are our kids first example of what adulting looks like and […]