Save Marriage Casting Call for A&E new TV show

Saving my marriage, A&E TV show, casting call, Couples Therapy

Saving Marriage, new A&E show My friends over at Blogalicious shared this great opportunity for couples so I wanted to pass it along to you guys. About Saving Marriage An innovative new television series is seeking married couples who could benefit […]

Are you married to your cell phone or me?

Cellphone Usage, Couples plugged into their cellphones, African American Couple using cellphones

Photo Credit: Essence Magazine Per Pew Research, 90% of all people on earth have a mobile phone. So to bring that statistic closer to home, in most marriages, both spouses have a cellphone. So it is fair to say that […]

Beyonce and Jay-Z has a marriage counselor #OntheRunTour

It is being reported on DailyMail blog that Beyonce and Jay-Z are talking to a marriage counselor. I know many are going to speculate why the couple is seeking a counselor. I must commend them for having the thought process […]

The truths about transitioning to a Stay at Home Mom

Janeane Davis, Making It Last Radio Show, BlogTalk Radio, Transition from Corporate to Housewife

Click Here to Listen to the show on BlogTalk Radio Being a Stay at Home Mom is appealing to many; however, there are some pros and cons to becoming a stay at home mom. Janeane Davis is a wife of […]

My Spouse Cheated Now What?

5 Steps to rebuilding your marriage, infidelity, cheating spouse, rebuild marriage

Image credit: Alejandro Greonewold/flickr Recently, I have had two conversations with two different wives about their  marriage, their husband, and getting pass the infidelity. The consistent question they asked me was “My spouse cheated, now what do I do?” This […]

Fourth of July Pinterest boards

Oh, who don’t like the fourth of July holiday! This is the time for food, fun, and fireworks. Normally, our Fourth of July day is filled with cooking, family, friends, and games. This year, we will be spending time with […]

Stand Your Ground in Marriage

When you marry, you inherit your spouse family. This includes all the dynamics that comes along with in-laws. Some in-laws are hands off but then there are some in-laws that fully involved in their child marriage. How do you handle […]