Date Night in Atlanta at Martell Cognac Iconic Blueprints Experience event

Still Dating My Spouse at Martell Iconic Blueprints, Martell Cognac, Atlanta, Derek Blanks, Celebrity Photographer, Martell, Martell Blueprints

I was happy to be invited to attend Martell Cognac Iconic Blueprints event hosted by Rob Hill, Sr. When they told me where the event was being held, I immediately knew this would be the perfect date night for us […]

Married Woman to Married Woman: 5 Secrets to A Blissful Marriage

Secrets to a successful marriage, Solange Knowles marriage, healthy marriage tips

Marriage is a labor of love and Solange Knowles has entered her second marriage. The secrets to a blissful marriage is simple if you put in the work.

What Disney movies taught us about LOVE

Frozen, Anna and Kristoff, Olaf, Disney movies

Disney movies are about more than a good song. Disney movies have such a great message about love, support and family.

Dollar Store Date Night Challenge

Dollar Store Date Challenge, date night ideas

Actually having a date with your spouse sometimes is halted because of not having money for a fun date. A dollar store date challenge forces you to plan date with items you purchased from the dollar store.

How to solve the biggest obstacles to dating your spouse

Dating Your spouse will face some obstacles but you have the power to make dating your spouse a priority.

Marriage is not a fashion statement

Marriage is not a fashion statement

This past week, the media has been very happy to report about the number of Hollywood celebrities that are filing for divorces. Just as fast as the celebrities are getting married they are getting divorces. But is that really whats […]

I chose my spouse over my children #family

family, your spouse, your children, prioritizies in marriage

One thing I know is this topic is a controversial topic and one that need to be discussed. Children are a blessing from God but so is your marriage. Marriage is the foundation for the home and the family. The […]