90 Day Sex Fast…aww HELL NO! 


Recently, I saw a video clip of Terry Crews on Huffington Post Live discussing how him & his wife participated in a 90 day sex fast. 90 whole days of no SEX in marriage seems so far fetched to me.     Crews mentioned that he did the fast to get closer to his wife, for […]

Liberating Side of Being Together

Liberating Side of Being Together

We were approached by Durex to review a few of their products. Well you  know the first thing I thought was, Durex?! We don’t need any condoms LOL We married!!! Well to my pleasant surprise Durex has more products than condoms. As I was talking to the representative, she shared with me that Durex is […]

Get rid of sex excuses once and for all


Sex excuses happen in marriages more than we know and married folks need to get rid of the excuses. Sex in marriage is one of the great things we get to do with our spouse and truly enjoy it; however, some spouses are not  enjoying sex with their spouse due to excuses being used to […]