Eat local: 10 Memphis Restaurants for a Romantic Date Night

Must visit resturants in Memphis

Memphis is known for: music, Memphis Grizzlies, and good food. Memphis has some of the best eating places on this side of the Mississippi. With the eclectic restaurants showcases the vast population in Memphis. We really enjoy venturing out and seeking different restaurants with a unique menu and we are never disappointed.

Memphis has restaurants for all occasions but the need for a special romantic night couples will never be disappointed in the choices Memphis restauranteurs offers.

SoFab Romantic Resturants

10 Memphis Restaurants for a Romantic Date Night

Flight Memphis  (39 South Main Street, 521-8005)

Flight Memphis Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Flight FB page

When you just can’t decide on what to have, Flight Memphis is the perfect location. Everything (including appetizers and wine) comes in threes. The atmosphere is warm and cozy, just right for those intimate date nights.

Felecia Suzanne (80 Monroe Avenue, Suite L-1, 523-0877)

Memphis, Felecia Suzanne Pompano Almondine

Pompano Almondine

Felicia Suzanne’s specializes in American cuisine with a Southern, low-country flair. The restaurant intimate setting with attention to every detail lends itself to helping you have a romantic night with your spouse with a splash of Southern Charm

J. Alexander’s (2670 N Germantown Pkwy, 381-9670)

J Alexander dessert, Memphis, J Alexander restaurant

Photo courtesy of J Alexander FB page

J. Alexander’s is a contemporary American restaurant, known for its wood-fired cuisine. The atmosphere and the wine selection is priceless. The restaurant is dimly lit with enough booths for you and your spouse to have a romantic dinner with spouse without worrying about the guests next to you.


Paulette’s (50 Harbor Town, 260-3300)

Paulettes, Memphis restaurant

Picture courtesy: Paulettes FB page

Paulette’s is known as Memphis’ most charming and attractive restaurant with an unparalleled ambiance and the most appealing river setting. The superb food, professional service, and warm atmosphere offers the perfect background for a romantic date night.


River Oaks (5871 Poplar Avenue, 683.9305)

River Oaks Memphis restaurant

Photo courtesy of River Oaks FB page

River Oaks is locally owned and operated and has a beautiful interior that features a magnificent wine bar, a vibrant dining room.


Restaurant Iris (2146 Monroe Ave., 590.2828)

Restaurant Iris is located in a lovingly renovated home near the historic Overton Square of Midtown Memphis. Restaurant Iris specializes in French-Creole cuisine featuring local and seasonal ingredients.
Restaurant Iris, Memphis restaurant, Moroccan lamb shank

Photo courtesy of Restaurant Iris website


Fleming’s Steak House (6242 Poplar Ave., 761-6200)

Fleming Steak House, Memphis romantic restaurants

Photo courtesy of Fleming website

Fleming’s Steak House is your go to steak house when you want to have an experience before you even enter the restaurant. From the valet to your server, you and your spouse will have a romantic stress-free date night.


Terrance at the River Inn (50 Harbor Town Square, 260-3366)

The Terrace at the River Inn is an intimate, eclectic yet approachable restaurant with panoramic views of the Mississippi River and the Downtown Memphis skyline. The food is served in sharable portions where you and your spouse can enjoy a meal “together.”
Plus, Memphis has:
Ruth Chris
Folk’s Folly


and many more amazing restaurants.
If it can be cooked, its been cooked in a restaurant in Memphis. Plan a romantic date night soon and choose one of these locations you haven’t visited.


  1. says

    I’ve heard of Flight memphis! That picture from Flemings Steak House is soo tempting .. I feel like it could eat it right off the screen *but I won’t”

  2. says

    Oh man- I am SO hungry now and I’m going to ask my husband where we are going for dinner on Vday! (That steak looks pretty terrific)

  3. says

    It’s hard to pick just one!! Based on the photo to represent it alone, I’d go for Felica Suzanne’s first. Mm hmm that looks good!

  4. Jenna Wood says

    Oh man, I just ate and I think I’m hungry again- It’s hard for me to decide whether a great steak or a beautiful dessert takes priority. I don’t know how I’d pick which one to make reservations at!

  5. says

    We live in such a rural area, we don’t really have any fancy restuarants, lol the fanciest is Applebee’s or the Page! Those all sound like great places to dine in!

  6. Daisy says

    J. Alexander’s has my name written all over it! I love wood fired cuisine. The desserts looks so awesome too which would be a great splurge for a romantic evening!

  7. says

    All of those dishes look tasty. I love to find local restaurants that are not chains to eat at. They have such a personal feel to them and the chefs work hard making such pretty plates.


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