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My husband and My Corset Chick

June 13, 2012 marked the day 15 years ago I meet my husband. Oh, when we meet it was Friday the thirteenth. If we had believed in superstition and that nothing good happens on Friday the 13th, then I would have missed out on meeting the love of my life.

Fifteen years! Wow, we have known each other for 15 years. In today’s society that is a big accomplishment.

We celebrate every milestone in our lives, in our marriage, in everything. So this year, of course, was no different. I made us reservations at one of our favorite steak restaurants but I also stepped outside of the box this year in what I would wear for our special occasion.

My husband loves seeing me in clothes that he says accentuate my body and one of his favorites is a corset.  So I was really happy when I got a chance to review a corset from Corset Chick. Corset Chick

The hubby was really excited about this (yep, he loves picking out clothes for me) so I let him pick out the corset he wanted me to wear on our “When we meet anniversary dinner”.

He picked for me the Purple Rhinestone corset. Well, let me tell you finding a corset that actually fits is a pain in the butt, but I learned from the Corset Chick site that corsets run small, so make sure you pick one that is a size bigger or two.

We ordered the corset and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. It was beautiful. I was really worried about the size but it fit perfectly.  Hubby was really happy with his selection.

Our dinner celebration was wonderful. Husband couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful I look and how much he loves seeing me in this corset.

So, you know I got to thinking I need to put a few of these corsets in my collection. The Corset Chick offers corsets in all sizes including plus sizes.  With the wide selection of choices from Corset Tops, Corset Dresses, to Sexy Corset lingerie, you will definitely find something that will make the husband do a double take.

Ummm, I also realized that as a couple, we put ourselves in boxes. I would have never thought my husband would have liked or even allowed me to wear a corset let alone outside the house, but he actually loved it!

What is one piece of clothing your spouse loves seeing you in?

Would you like to win your own corset from Corset Chick? Click here to enter the giveaway for a FREE corset valued at $30.


I was provided a product for review for my participation in The Pitch List.  No monetary compensation was received.  All opinions expressed are that of my own.



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Comments (21)

  1. Reply Patty A

    That’s a great idea – having the hubby pick out the corset.

    1. Reply Still Dating My Spouse

      He was too excited! LOL


  2. Reply Amber Trievel

    Beautiful corset! looks really nice on you =] (Can you believe me and the hubby actually got MARRIED in Friday, June 13, 2008! LOL I guess great things DO happen on that date!)

    1. Reply Still Dating My Spouse

      Thanks for the compliment on the corset. I love Friday the 13..I’m not superstitious by no means and the 13th gave me my wonderful husband!


  3. Reply mary walker

    Purple Rhinestone is definitely the color I would pick! Thanks for the review.

  4. Reply Kari

    I would pick a corset.

  5. Reply Mel Bourn

    Beautiful corset!! I love purple and would love to get a purple one.

    1. Reply Still Dating My Spouse

      Thanks! I hope you entered the giveaway and you could just win you one!


  6. Reply Tara

    The corset looks great on you. So glad your hubby liked it!

    1. Reply Still Dating My Spouse

      Thanks Tara!


  7. Reply Lesley

    What an awesome review. I would never have thought about wearing a corset before, but I think I now need to check them out!

    1. Reply Still Dating My Spouse

      Definitely give a corset a try. You will love it!


  8. Reply RedFeather

    A corset alone would be best, because I could wear it WHENEVER!

  9. Reply michele d

    What a beautiful color! Happy to know your hubby loved it. :)

  10. Reply Kelly

    What a pretty corset! I love how your site is dedicated to making your relationship with your spouse special. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Reply Jackie Griebel

    It looks great on you and I think it’s cool your hubby likes to pick out clothes for you!

  12. Reply Kathryn

    Beautiful corset. It has been years since I have worn anything like that. I mean years, we not talking about two or three years but probably more like 15 years. LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Reply Kat Riley

    My husband picked out the Black Gothic Lace corset for me, but if I had to choose I would choose a dress, maybe the Gothic Luxurious Pink and Gold Corset Dress

  14. Reply Angel Jennifer

    I love their corset dresses,,,,,i couldn’t find a comment form on the giveaway so i am leaving it here,,,,thanks for the nice review and giveaway!

  15. Reply Sharelle D. Lowery

    This was such a great blog post!!!….I love your writing and your point of view!!!

    1. Reply Still Dating My Spouse

      Thanks Sharelle!


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