14 Day Marriage Challenge: Day 7 Positive Affirmations

Compliments and words of encouragement are needed fuel for the body, mind, and soul! This fuel (affirmations) is used to align our thoughts and actions.

Affirmations are used to motivate and encourage us to stay focused.  Stating positive affirmations daily and throughout the day reinforces why we are thankful for what we have, why we do what we do, and why we love who we love.

14 Day Marriage Challenge: Positive Affirmations

SDMS 14 Day Challenge

Why Affirmations

Our marriage experience, whether positive or negative, is based on our thinking process. We react on what we see, hear, and think. Using affirmations will help us to refocus on what is important and to change our thinking behavior toward our spouse.

Affirmations aren’t used only as a personal internal guide but can used to motivate and encourage your spouse. Per Dr. Gary Chapman, author of Love Languages, words of affirmation are also used to communicate/show and receive love.

How to use Affirmations

As noted, affirmations are used to communicate love. The affirmations you give to your spouse, should pertain to them and what they have done. These affirmations should be uplifting, sincere and specific.

Affirmations are not long dissertations. They can easily start off with just: “See this is why I love you [insert positive statement here]” or “Aww, thank you. This is one of the things I love about you.”

Institute daily affirmations into your morning routine to refocus your thinking to what is positive and best for yourself, your spouse, and your family. Write them down. Say them out loud to yourself in the morning and throughout the day.

5 Affirmations for marriage

1. My soft answers dissolve anger.

2. My marriage is built on love, honor, and trust

3. I appreciate my spouse [insert statement here]

4. I appreciate my spouse for all that [s]he does for me and our family.

5. I will support my spouse in all that they do.

Today’s challenge:

Make a list of affirmations that you can say to your spouse. Say a few affirmations to your spouse today. Give your spouse the compliments and encouragement they need.

What are some affirmations you say to help you stay focused and positive?

Please share in the comment section below.

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I hope you will join us in this challenge.