Why dating your spouse is important?

Dating in marriage is an important aspect to keep the marriage vibrant and helping you and your spouse stay connected. Most couples think dating your spouse must be expensive, outside the house, or a burden. Dating your spouse has nothing to do with spending money or going to a fancy restaurant, it’s about bonding and…

I scream, You Scream for Ice Cream

TCBY ice cream in a cup

One of the best dates with your spouse & family is going to the ice cream parlor. The husband and I went to TCBY yogurt on yesterday.   Enjoying ice cream with him was the perfect evening outing after a long work day! Today, take a moment to enjoy some ice cream with your spouse!

How to date your spouse

The art of dating your spouse is not a forgotten art but one that is used in many marriages to stay connected, fresh, and to have a healthy marriage. Many couples allow the busyness of “life” to tell them date night is not important or that date night is cumbersome.  Neither aspect is accurate. There…

Rebirth of a Dream-Memphis Symphony

Rebirth of a dream Memphis Symphony

So this summer, we have decided to do one thing we have never done every month. Well, for May we are attending the symphony.  On Friday, May 16, 2014, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra will perform the world premiere of Rebirth of the Dream at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Memphis. I’m…