Tru Chocolate

Tru Chocolate

What a great start to September! I couldn’t be more happier for the results of Love Summit and the 14 Day Marriage Challenge. I thank each of you for participating. I cannot wait to read all the feedback. Keep them […]

Masquerade Ball

BuyCostume, Gangsta costume, halloween costumes

If you guys are anything like me and my husband, trying to decide on a new date night activity gets kind of tricky. We have date night every week. We enjoy each other company and look forward to hanging out […]

Date Night idea: Getting Hot in the Kitchen

Cook'n Recipe Organizer

Its time to start thinking about what you guys are going to do this weekend for date night. I just wanted to share one of the things we tried & actually had fun doing it. This date night activity was […]

{Giveaway} 3 month Dinner Club for date night

Lady Pk

Dating your spouse is very important. I try to give tips and ideas on how to date your spouse, but I’m happy to say that I have joined a blog hop and I am sponsoring a giveaway to give you […]