What the movie Happy Feet taught me about marriage

Happy Feet relationships, marriage, happy feet the movie

I know, I know, I’m so late in watching the movie Happy Feet. I don’t know why I didn’t watch it when it came out but I watched it last night. Happy Feet was a good feel good movie but […]

Love Series: Tough Love

Tough love, love, tough love in marriage, marriage tough love

Reflect back on your childhood: What type of love did you receive? Many would  say that their parents were hard on them when as teenagers.  Today, the Love Series is discussing “Tough Love.” Caroll, Love Design Life, has a really […]

Sweet Lorriane

When we get married we wish for a lifetime with our spouse. We build memories everyday with our spouse. But what happens when they are no longer there? What memories would your spouse have of you? Would they truly miss […]

Happy Valentine’s Day (video)

Happy Valentine’s Day! We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day. How are you spending your Valentine’s Day? Share with us in the comments below & remember to G+, Tweet, & share our posts with your friends […]

Loving your spouse


If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! Loving your spouse includes mind, body & soul. Don’t confuse love with just sex. Sex is important but if you are not giving your spouse the other things they need […]

14 Day Marriage Challenge: Day 8 The Notebook

SDMS 14 Day Challenge

Time and years go by so fast. Kids grow up. We grow older. We get to a point of wondering where the time went. We look back over the years and reminisce about our marriage and the good times we […]

Ten ways to love


Which of the ten ways are you showing love to your spouse?