Who is Stephon and Pamela King?


Stephon and Pamela King were married in 1998. During that time, 4 other friends and family were married in the same year. Step and Pam are the last standing couple. Its not because their marriage is special or without problems. It is because they vowed to stay together and work through everything together plus they have regular weekly dates. It is important to them to have that quality time where they can connect, talk, bond, and have fun. They realized date nights were important early on in their marriage. With four kids, a godson and a niece living with them, their house and time was always full. Their dates started out as a way to get out the house to get peace and quiet but it quickly evolved to being more, specifically their date nights.



Step King

Mr. Still Dating My Spouse

Step is the leader and the force behind the family. He is a truck driver by day and his true passion is barbering. He is from the Savannah, GA area so you know that means he loves seafood! Step is the comic relief in all our YouTube videos and he really enjoys spoiling his wife. He can be found on Twitter as Holding My Spouse.




Mrs. Still Dating My SpousePamela S King

Pamela is the good looking woman standing beside Mr. Still Dating My Spouse. Pamela is an entrepreneur, who partner with event creators to assist in delivering high quality, value-driven meeting and event management services via her business, Event Worx. Pamela is originally from Memphis and she loves to BBQ. Pamela’s passion is helping wives. She has a wives group, Wives in Action, that she is truly proud of. One of the biggest questions that crops up when Pamela is working with wives is “How can I be the best wife for my husband while keeping ME in my marriage?” If that’s something you’re struggling with, Pamela has written a book that addresses this topic How to be the best wife for you husband

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