About SDMS

Mr. & Mrs. KWe are a couple that have been married for 13 years but together for 14 years. We definitely have experienced the good, the bad, & the ugly when it comes to marriage; however, we understand how important it is to spend QT together.

In to day’s world, time is precious and mostly consumed up  by work, children, church, & sleep. You may get a chance to eat in those 24 hours.  Somehow, nurturing our marriages fall by the wayside because we think we are too busy.

SDMS stemmed from a ning group we used to belong to. The group dissolved when ning began to charge for their site; in  spite of this, we truly believed in the concept of STILL DATING [YOUR] SPOUSE.

SDMS is a concept to keep the flames burning just as they did when you first meet, went out on the first date, or even when you use to just hold hands.

Marriage takes a genuine effort. Remember how you thought about your spouse all the time before marriage? Remember wanting to make them happy by any means necessary?

Well, we should still be doing those things and more. This is why Still Dating My Spouse is very important. Read our blog daily and follow us on twitter @datingmyspouse

Don’t forget to do something nice & unexpected for your spouse today!

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