Love Series: Tough Love

Tough love, love, tough love in marriage, marriage tough love

Reflect back on your childhood: What type of love did you receive? Many would¬† say that their parents were hard on them when as teenagers.¬† Today, the Love Series is discussing “Tough Love.” Caroll, Love Design Life, has a really good word about how the tough love you received shapes who you are as an […]

Love: Learned Behavior

Love is learned behavior, how to love, learning to love, Love Series, Still Dating My Spouse

Love Series: Design Love to Date Your Spouse is touching on the subject of “Is Love a Learned Behavior?” Today Caroll Atkins from LoveDesignLife and I are discussing how we love based on the behavior seen. Please read and share your thoughts on is Love a Learned behavior. The climate determines your atmosphere. The atmosphere […]

Sweet Lorriane

When we get married we wish for a lifetime with our spouse. We build memories everyday with our spouse. But what happens when they are no longer there? What memories would your spouse have of you? Would they truly miss you? Would their world be missing a special person? Well, Fred wife Lorriane passed away […]