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SDMS 14 Day Challenge


14 Day Marriage Challenge Day 13 Your Spouse Best Friend

2 Comments 20 September 2012

When people get married one of the things that is often said is “They married their BFF/friend.” When we are a friend, we care deeply for our friend. We are always building on the friendship foundation. Do you still consider your spouse your BFF? Do you like being around your spouse? Are you actually being […]

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Vote for Still Dating My Spouse

No Comments 17 September 2012

It is an election year and it is time to vote! As many of you know, Still Dating My Spouse is nominated for a Black Weblog Award in the Best Sex or Relationship Blog category. I don’t have a long drawn out nomination speech but I am asking for your vote.  SDMS is only as […]

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Marriage is like a camera

9 Comments 30 June 2012

Happy Saturday everyone! I normally do not post on Saturday but I thought I would give you a boost to finish the weekend off on a high note. Marriage and relationships have highs & lows. We must capture both & learn from each and everything that takes place in our relationship. If you just focus […]

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What Happy Couples Do

13 Comments 15 June 2012

So, I was signing into my yahoo account and saw this title “What Happy couples Do” for an article. Now, you know I had to click on it because if someone has the answer to this that fits all couples then I need to read it. Well, it was a video for a show hosted […]

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Stress in Marriage

1 Comment 19 March 2012

I wanted to share a radio show I hosted on blogtalk radio. I had the pleasure of talking with Tiya Sumter about stress in relationships. The show touched on stress during the holidays but stress in marriage happens daily and this show and the tips she shared can be applied at anytime.   How to […]

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What language do you speak?

5 Comments 09 February 2012

Most married houses are bilingual. I know when my husband and I first got married it seemed like we were definitely speaking a different language. I was speaking the language of a “woman” and he was speaking the language of a “man.” We were basically sounding like Charlie Brown mom “wha wha wha wha.” No […]

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Marriage, Quality Time


23 Comments 20 January 2012

New Year resolutions-we all have made them; however, we undertake new things without doing a full internal cleanse. You can't get better without a proper cleanse. This is true for your marriage as well. Join us in the Internal [Marriage] Cleanse.

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