14 Day Marriage Challenge Day 13 Your Spouse Best Friend

SDMS 14 Day Challenge

When people get married one of the things that is often said is “They married their BFF/friend.” When we are a friend, we care deeply for our friend. We are always building on the friendship foundation. Do you still consider […]

Vote for Still Dating My Spouse

It is an election year and it is time to vote! As many of you know, Still Dating My Spouse is nominated for a Black Weblog Award in the Best Sex or Relationship Blog category. I don’t have a long […]

Marriage is like a camera


Happy Saturday everyone! I normally do not post on Saturday but I thought I would give you a boost to finish the weekend off on a high note. Marriage and relationships have highs & lows. We must capture both & […]

What Happy Couples Do

Photo courtsey of Bossip

So, I was signing into my yahoo account and saw this title “What Happy couples Do” for an article. Now, you know I had to click on it because if someone has the answer to this that fits all couples […]

Stress in Marriage

I wanted to share a radio show I hosted on blogtalk radio. I had the pleasure of talking with Tiya Sumter about stress in relationships. The show touched on stress during the holidays but stress in marriage happens daily and […]

What language do you speak?

Most married houses are bilingual. I know when my husband and I first got married it seemed like we were definitely speaking a different language. I was speaking the language of a “woman” and he was speaking the language of […]


New Year resolutions-we all have made them; however, we undertake new things without doing a full internal cleanse. You can’t get better without a proper cleanse. This is true for your marriage as well. Join us in the Internal [Marriage] Cleanse.