Administrative Professional Day at home

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Image courtesy of smarnad / Today organizations are recognizing and  honoring the people that help keep the organization running smoothly: Administrative Professionals. Administrative Professionals Day is a day used to to acknowledge and give thanks to the office manage, the administrative assistant or anyone that plays the role of an admin. Normally this day is reserved for those that work outside the home in an office environment, but in reality, in marriage a spouse takes on the role of Administrative Assistant. This is such a great idea and that is exactly what we should do today in our marriage: recognize and appreciate your spouse that is your backbone, your secretary, your concierge, your cleaner, your … [Continue]

Building a Marriage that Lasts

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After the fan fair and glamour of the wedding celebration, the cake has been cut, the pictures have been taken, the honeymoon is over and you have gotten good use out of your wedding gifts… what can a bride and groom to do in order to keep that marriage both HAPPY and HEALTHY? Keep building!! Everything it took to “GET” the marriage…it will take that and more to “KEEP” the marriage! Getting married at 18 (almost 19) was the easy part. Staying married the last 20 years has been the investment! The first part was fun and carefree. The second part (after the wedding day) has been making deposits and withdrawals and balancing the checkbook of life with a few hurdles or bounced checks along the way! But it takes both the “good” and the … [Continue]

Italian Theme Date Night

Olive Garden Pasta

You know we enjoy date night and look for ways to spice up our "normal" date night activities. So when I was approached by Olive Garden to review their new three course Italian dinner from their new Cucina Mia menu, I was like "heck yeah." You know I already love Olive Garden and  to be able to go & eat on their dime, we was super happy. As … [Continue]

The Perfect Getaway-Atlanta

Perfect Getaway Atlanta, Still Dating My Spouse

We love traveling but there are times that we can't go far far away. So we love taking weekend trips. These trips allow us to escape the real world & just have time for each other.  It is so important to reconnect often. Atlanta is a six hour drive for us but we enjoy driving to Atlanta. We get to spend that time in the car talking, singing, … [Continue]

Indoor Container Gardening items at Target #TargetColors

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Spring is my favorite time of year. This is the time of year that you can start your gardening and we are having two gardens this year: an indoor container garden and a big garden outside. We had so much success with our big garden last year, that I have decided to try my hand at indoor container gardening. Anyone that knows anything about … [Continue]

How to be the best wife for your husband ebook

    I am super excited about my new book-How to be the  best wife for YOUR husband. The intention of this book is to support wives and wives to be in defining who they are and the value of their role as a wife. Many women experience the overwhelming need to allow their roles to define who they are. This is an unfair practice that women … [Continue]

Life can leave you broken

Life Broken

  Hey everyone, let me  apologize for being absent for more than a month. I experienced something last month on February 21. A childhood friend of the family, was killed by her husband. I took that very very hard. I questioned myself and if I was doing marriages justice by having my blog.  At that very moment I felt broken. Like I had … [Continue]