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Why Still Dating My Spouse

The mission of Still Dating My Spouse is to help couples strengthen their marriage by implementing healthy relationship practices that enhances connection, commitment, communication, and consistency. Marriages are the nucleus of our communities. We must rid marriages from the dysfunctional state many are in and establish robust marriage units to help rebuild our families to experience the love and stability of a healthy functioning family.

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Why Still Dating My Spouse

The beauty of marriage isn’t based on the fact that we can laugh well together-it’s that we can also cry well together when life gets us down.  -Darlene Schacht

Still Dating My Spouse marriage communication

HEALTHY Marriage Actions

If I asked you…
•Are you connecting fully with your spouse?
•Is there intimacy between you and your spouse?
•Can you be a better husband/wife to your spouse?

What would your answer be based on your relationship today?

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Serving your spouse happens out of love. To love and serve your spouse, you must understand and love them for who they are and not who you would like for them to be.

Date Night Ideas

Finding the time and creativity to enjoy a regular date night, is a challenge for many couples. We aim to help you think outside the box and plan those date nights.

Find Your Next Date Night Idea
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